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We take great pride in offering practical hours to BASI students at our studio. If you are interested in teaching at our studio, we kindly ask you to carefully review the entire page, as it contains essential policies and guidelines. At our studio, safety is of utmost importance, and we have implemented these policies to ensure the safety and protection of our clients, our business, and you as a student-teacher.

Liability Waiver

Please sign the Student Liability Waiver

Student Liability Insurance

As a requirement, both instructors and students must carry liability insurance, with BASI Pilates Academy - El Dorado Hills listed as a covered business. We kindly ask that you present a Certificate of Liability Insurance upon request. To help our students obtain liability coverage, BASI has partnered with Insure Fitness, offering coverage for $35 per year. We highly recommend this option if you do not have existing coverage, as it will protect you anywhere you practice, and you can purchase it instantly HERE. Please be sure to add BASI Pilates Academy - El Dorado Hills to the "Additional Business" section and submit the Certificate of coverage. For your convenience, we have included an example of how to fill out the form.

Screenshot 2023-02-16 at 7.18.27 PM.png

Client Liability Insurance

If you are bringing a client, have the client sign the Client Liability Insurance before starting a session.  If this is an existing BASI Pilates Academy - El Dorado Hills client, then this is not necessary.

If you are having another student practice on you.  You will need to submit this form as a client.

Studio Availability and Scheduling

Available time slots for self-practice or practicing with fellow students are listed HERE.  Please email us if you are interested and if you're bringing another student or client.  We allow one session at a time with a maximum of one student observing.

Studio Fees

Self practice: No fee

Practice with another student: No fee

Practice with a client: $20.  If you are unable to find your own client to practice, we will do our best to find you a client.  You are allowed to bring one (1) named family/friend to practice at not charge.


We are currently checking with clients if they are open to observation.  Some of our client's sessions will be recorded and you may observe remotely.  Remote observation will be counted towards online hours (not in-studio hours).

Limits and Duration

We currently don't have specific limits to how often and long you will have to completed your student practice.  

Studio Policies

Please be clean and respectful!​

  • Wipe down the equipment and mat using the provided solution and towels 

  • Don't move the equipment, it will scratch the floors

  • Don't consume food in the studio

  • Clean the counters

  • Do not access the other rooms or office

Please submit all the required documents to

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